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Open Class

Every Saturday at 12pm

Each Saturday, we hold an open glass class. You can explore glass at your own level. We will be there to help you get started, lending a hand to achieve the best possible experience.

$10 / hour

$25 / max per day


Just for Fun

Scheduled upon request

This three-hour class is a great introduction to the art of glass-making. You have the option to make a nightlight, soap dish, and more! We supply the basics: detailed instructions, a variety of glass, and all the necessary tools for success. Includes kiln firing.

$25 / person


The Basics

Scheduled upon request

This four-class will go more in-depth with the process of glass fusion. You will be able to craft a candy dish and relish tray. Includes kiln firing.

$65 / person


Becoming a Member

After the Basic class, you'll have the opportunity to join the studio and further pursue glass fusion! Studio fees are as follows:

  • $8 per hour, with a maximum cost of $25 per day, or $80 a month, with no maximum studio hours.

  • Personal investment in the cost of glass and tools, including a cutter, runner, nipper, etc.

  • Kiln firings included.

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